• Logos International can streamline your Personal Care Regulatory compliance by utilizing proprietary software developed over the last 25yrs. We can provide compliance of cosmetic ingredient lists worldwide.
  • Easily store all of your Formulae, R&D data, Safety testing, Finished Products, PIF, QA, Safety and Regulatory data.
  • Quick and attentive technical support.
  • Navigate EU Regulations by providing CPNP Registration of Cosmetic Products, Responsible Person, Safety Assessments, PIF preparation. Data maintenance for 10 yrs.
  • We also offer regulatory consulting services for products which fall under the FDA, Prop 65, EU 1223, Canada, China, Korea, New Zealand, SCCS, CPSC, DOT, IATA, ASTM and OSHA regulations…and more.
  • We can provide guidance on regulations specific to the Country in which you wish to sell.
  • Turnkey services regarding your regulatory questions/needs.
  • Competitive rates

For more information, please contact:
USA: Innovative Engine Phoenix, AZ – email: bpesu@innengineering.com
World Wide: Logos International Bergamo – Italy – email: info@logwin.com